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"Black" by Lindsay Faulk

Challenge:  Create a photoshoot for a new line of products still at the conceptual stage.

Challenge:  Photograph the entrepreneur instead of a professional model.

Lindsay Faulk, wife of Hall of Fame football player Marshall Faulk, was focused on a glamorous lifestyle. She had decided to develop a premium line of bath products.

She hired me to produce a set of high-quality photos to help get her line noticed, along with images to populate her webpage.

Lindsay brought a set of in-process drawings to our first meeting. At that time, the line was still in the conceptual phase. The finished products were not available until the day of the photoshoot. The line consisted of body scrub, bubble bath, lotion, spritzer fragrance, candles, etc. All the products were designed to complement each other.

After studying her designs and learning about the philosophy behind her line, I wanted the photoshoot to be glamorous, beautiful, and to have a luxurious feel — because when a woman pampers her body, she wants to feel luxurious.

A woman’s beauty regimen starts in her bathroom. So I looked for the most beautiful bathroom I could find. It measured about 700 square feet; the wall colors were soft beige and cream with marble accents; it featured glamorous, contemporary dressing tables and lamps. I staged the bathroom with casablancas throughout. I added plush, expensive white towels; lots of candles; and martini glasses. I used a foaming agent to create an extravagant bubble bath.

For product shots, I arranged the client’s line of products on a beautiful dressing table as well as on the marble rim of the bathtub.

To tie in with the black lace theme of the product’s design, I sourced black lace Wolford tights and designer shoes for the model, along with a black bustier designed by Parah of Italy.