Lifestyle  Case  Study  :::  Magazine  Editorial

Fashion Designer Hotels  /  Bulgari, Missoni, Moschino

Challenges:  Introduce fashion hotels to a new audience.  Tell the editorial story in a new way.  Go beyond standard hotel photos; give readers the full lifestyle experience.

A travel agent asked to publish an article on luxury travel in YOU Magazine. The travel agent was able to obtain photos and clearance from several luxury “Fashion Hotels” decorated by famous fashion designers Bulgari, Missoni and Moschino. The article also featured Virgin Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

I laid out the photos and the article to tell the story in a two-part magazine editorial. This project showcases my editorial skills.

Fashion-themed hotels inspire me very much. It’s not just the beauty: it’s the creativity. As a guest, the creativity and the art are all around you — you’re surrounded by it, immersed in it. And each room has its own theme, which gives guests a range of choices.

I was excited about doing this project, because it complements what I do. After all, luxury travel goes hand-in-hand with all the elements of a luxe lifestyle: fashion, jewelry, timepieces, accessories, art, automobiles, hotels, food, champagne, fine spirits, yachts, real estate, etc.