Event  Case  Study  :::  Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Styling a Film director for her award ceremony

Challenge:  Design multiple glamorous looks on very short notice.

Challenge:  Choose bold (not safe) fashions to match the film's high-art style.

The night before the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, I was asked to put a look together for the famous international photographer, Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri.

This was a very exciting event for me. Just two weeks before, I had blogged some amazing still images from Indrani’s new film “Legend of Lady White Snake” starring Daphne Guinness, the world-renowned fashion muse and model. When I read the Fashion Film Festival’s program, I was thrilled to learn that Indrani’s “Legend of Lady White Snake” was one of the films up for an award at the festival, which I was scheduled to attend as a VIP guest.

I decided that I had to meet Indrani. She and I met and talked, and she learned about my background. At 9 PM, I got a call from GK Reid, the top celebrity stylist who had designed some of the looks for “Legend of Lady White Snake”. GK asked me if I would dress Indrani for the film awards’ red carpet event the next day.

I was overjoyed to accept. It was such a compliment to meet someone of Indrani and GK’s caliber, whose work I so admired, and to have them admire my work in return.

Though Indrani had only asked for a single outfit, I pulled together several fashions and I also did her hair and makeup. I needed to match the bold and creative style of “Legend of Lady White Snake”. The film is highly artistic, and the lead character played by Daphne Guinness is styled in beautiful, fantasy-like couture fashions some of which were designed by Alexander McQueen.

Despite the very short turnaround time, the looks were a perfect fit. I dressed her for two separate nights.

The red-carpet gown which I selected for the first night, was a gorgeous peacock crystal sequined gown with a long train. It fit her perfectly.

The next day the organizers hosted a party where the awards were handed out. For that event, I dressed Indrani in a one-shoulder purple sequined cocktail dress. This was ideal for her --- it was fun and perfect for a celebration night. Lo and behold, Indrani won not just one, but four awards at the film festival!