Advertorial  Case  Study  :::  LBJ  iPad  bags


Challenge:  Create two imagery packages — one for promotional uses, the other for an e-commerce catalog.

LBJ iPad bags were a very exciting project. The designer came up with iPad bags of various sizes, for both men and women. The bags have a very luxurious style, being crafted from materials with a rich look and feel. They’re also very practical --- they’re great for traveling and running around. The iPad bag can double as a purse, it hangs very well, it molds itself to the hip. I use one myself and I love it.

Wherever the designer went, people loved her iPad bags and wanted to buy them. But at the time I met the designer, she had no marketing materials whatsoever, so I stepped in as Creative Director, to put together a complete package to market her iPad bags.

She asked me to arrange two photoshoots: an editorial-style photoshoot for promotional, and a lookbook-and-catalog product shoot.


  • •   location scouting
  • •   wardrobe selection
  • •   photographer hiring
  • •   model casting
  • •   makeup & hair
  • •   model styling
  • •   craft service arrangement
  • •   transportation arrangement
  • •   art direction
  • •   photoshoot staging and direction
  • •   photo selection and editing
  • •   advertorial layout design