Event  Case  Study  :::  Oscar®  Theme  Party

Private business club  ---  membership drive

Challenge:  Sell the Club on the idea of an Oscar® theme event, as a moneymaker and a membership booster.

The University Club Atop Symphony Towers (a private business club in downtown San Diego) had held numerous private events, but had never held an OSCAR® party. As an honorary member, I came up with the idea of holding an OSCAR®-themed party to introduce potential new members to the Club, and to raise money for the Club’s charity.

I brought in gorgeous designer gowns from Paris, Italy, and New York. I also put together a gown showing, featuring beautiful models, to create an atmosphere that gave the guests a feeling of being at the OSCARs®. The staging included large-screen TVs, an ice sculpture of the OSCAR® statuette, a red carpet at the elevator landing, a step-and-repeat, and mock-paparazzi who photographed the guests at arrival.

The models mixed with the crowd, showcasing the fine gowns, setting the tone for the event. The models were styled as if they were movie stars.

In this event the University Club provided most of the logistics (menu, food, open bar, servers, staff, kitchen, flower arrangements) under my direction.

The turnout was over 200 people. There was a definite uptick in membership interest during the days leading up to the event, and quite a few new members signed up the night of the OSCAR® party. Ticket sales plus new member enrollments made for a successful event at the University Club.