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Fundraiser Soiree  /  non-profit arts organization

Challenge:  Find a venue suitable to showcasing large pieces of modern art, in a lifestyle setting.

Challenge:  Raise funds for an arts non-profit organization.

The chief executive of a non-profit art incubator, asked me to put together an event to showcase the work of an emerging artist, and to raise money for her non-profit. I decided to produce an art + fashion show: a tasteful, exquisite, refined event that would match the caliber of the guests on the invitation list.

I found the right venue: a penthouse condominium with a downtown city view, high ceilings, and lots of wall space to properly showcase the large art pieces. I directed the placement of the artwork, and I staged the condo furniture to convey a sense of lifestyle, instead of a spare gallery look. I also chose one of the best caterers in town to provide a fine dining experience that would encourage the guests (about 100) to stay and mingle. Refreshments included hors d’oeuvres, caviar, champagne, wine, etc. Prior to the event, I staged a food display and had it photographed to create the invitations.

I was able to get a donor for the wine and champagne. I also brought in very beautiful clothes to sell; a percentage of the sales was donated to the non-profit. The event was financially successful --- the artist sold several of his pieces, despite being new to the local art community.