Event  Case  Study  :::  Scripps  Gala

Fashion show / big-budget fundraiser for major Hospital network

Challenge:  Produce a fashion show on a scale unlike anything the sponsor had ever done before.

I was asked to produce a gala fashion show for Scripps Hospital, in order to help raise money for the hospital’s renovation and expansions. This was one of the biggest events I’ve ever done.

This event was targeted at wealthy philanthropists. It was a black tie affair which included dinner, dancing, an auction, various live performances, and Jermaine Jackson as a presenter.

I designed the look of the stage. I was able to source fashions and accessories from Parisian designers. A couple of designers donated accessories totaling $35,000 as gifts for VIP donors. Two of the designers flew in for the show; one of them designs jewelry for Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

The fashion show required casting at least 40 models for 3-4 changes. In addition to producing the fashion show itself, I had to help with the sound, the music choice, the staging design, and the lighting --- which was key, because of the sheer size of the venue.

I was also very active in getting designers excited enough to come from Paris to support the event, and to donate not only their time but also their designs as VIP gifts.

In addition, I staged a private event at the La Costa Resort for wealthy donors, which took place a few days before the main gala event. During the week leading up to the event, I also produced a model showing on a live television show, to help promote the Scripps gala. All in all, it involved a 6-month production effort, which successfully generated over $2 million in fundraising from 2,000 attendees.