Advertorial  Case  Study  :::  Tiffany & Co.

Jewelry - Keys pendants

Challenge:  Introduce a new line of Tiffany & Co. pendants to upscale Hispanic customers.

I was approached by Circulo Magazine to come up with a look for Tiffany & Co. to reach the affluent Hispanic market, which is different than the American market. Hispanic women’s style is sensual and feminine, from their dresswear to their accessories and makeup.

At the same time, I wanted to respect Tiffany & Co. as a classic brand. I wanted to give them the freedom to use my visuals in a cosmopolitan way, appealing to multiple ethnicities. So I picked a model with a “crossover” look with which both Hispanic and American women could identify. I didn’t want the model’s look to be typecast, stereotyped.

As Creative Director, I found a newly designed estate in the affluent community of Rancho Santa Fe, California. This venue conveyed the richness for which Tiffany is known.

I used a couple of different designers, whose fashions would complement the jewelry. I produced 3 different looks: a cocktail dress; a summer dress; and a gown –– a window on a lifestyle to which a young woman could relate.


  • •   location scouting
  • •   wardrobe sourcing
  • •   photographer hiring
  • •   model casting
  • •   makeup & hair
  • •   model styling
  • •   craft service arrangement
  • •   art direction
  • •   photoshoot direction
  • •   photo selection and editing
  • •   advertorial layout design