Advertorial  Case  Study  :::  Zaeem Jamal


Challenge:  Localize an overseas fashion brand's image, to suit U.S. tastes and styles.

After achieving success in Dubai and London, fashion designer Zaeem Jamal was determined to break into the U.S. market.

His pieces are well made, with beautiful fabrics, definitely for affluent women. I was asked to create an advertorial to help promote the designer and his brand.

The brand’s existing photo imagery, the designer’s focus on esoteric spiritualism, and the overall marketing strategy needed to be realigned with U.S. market realities, in my view. The designer wanted to target Hollywood celebrities directly, bypassing their stylists/gatekeepers. But the existing imagery tended to appear somewhat missy/traditional, which made it challenging for the brand's image to align with the intended customer base, to break through the “market noise” of so many other competing lines, and to impress the right influencers.

The brand's imagery needed to be localized to U.S. tastes and styles. Since Zaeem Jamal’s designs have a classic flair, with very rich jeweltone colors, I decided to do a photoshoot in a penthouse condo decorated in a Hollywood Regency style and sensibility.


  • •   location scouting
  • •   wardrobe sourcing
  • •   photographer hiring
  • •   model casting
  • •   makeup & hair
  • •   model styling
  • •   craft service arrangement
  • •   transportation arrangement
  • •   art direction
  • •   photoshoot staging and direction
  • •   photo selection and editing
  • •   advertorial layout design