Event  Case  Study  :::  Wedding

Private  Reception

Challenge: Add a classic Hollywood touch to a contemporary wedding table setting.

Event  Case  Study  :::  SDFAS

Fundraiser Soiree  /  non-profit arts organization

Challenge:Challenge:  Find a venue suitable to showcasing large pieces of modern art, in a lifestyle setting.

Event  Case  Study  :::  Oscar®  Theme  Party

Private business club  /  membership drive

Challenge:  Sell the Club on the idea of an Oscar® theme event, as a moneymaker and a membership booster.

Event  Case  Study  :::  Scripps  Gala

Fashion show  /  big-budget fundraiser for major Hospital network

Challenge:  Produce a fashion show on a scale unlike anything the sponsor had ever done before.

Event  Case  Study  :::  Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Styling a Film director for her award ceremony

Challenge:  Design multiple glamorous looks on very short notice.

Event  Case  Study  :::  SDFAS

Fundraiser Soiree  /  non-profit arts organization

Challenge: Raise funds for an arts non-profit organization.